Legucci: The Eldrazi are coming

My TCM mission statement : To keep all eternal formats FUN and accessible…. Including VINTAGE!!! Legucci @ General Games 8/4/2017 This is my first tournament report ever and I wasn’t originally planning on writing up something to in depth so the details of the day are a tad sketchy… My apologies. A little on the... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Budget Vintage

Introduction Hey all, there are some larger Vintage events coming up, including the first TCM event on 27th May and Eternal Masters on 10th June. Although there are fun and stupid things you can do with a fully powered decks we still would love for people to play even without access to these cards. Outlined... Continue Reading →

Australian Highlander Storm Guide

Ah Storm, the mechanic that will never be Standard legal again, however is busted in Vintage, Legacy and Modern. In Australian 7 point highlander it takes some creative thinking to build a deck that can play a heap of spells and find Tendrils to win. I love the idea and I love brewing so here... Continue Reading →

TCM Event website!!!

THE IDEA We've all had a  conversation  with a group of mates that someone starts with "we should buy a bar"..... Well this idea started very much like that. Let's set the scene. Driving back from cancon 2017 in the back seat (or was it the boot) of Sully's truck. Most of the guy in TCM... Continue Reading →

Luke Can’t Storm!

The finals for sanctioned Australian highlander. Maybe Luke needs to learn how to count to 10.... here it is! (once again big shout out to General Games....)Combolander vs BANT mid range plus Should win games... correct? well not always.

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