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We’ve all had a  conversation  with a group of mates that someone starts with “we should buy a bar”….. Well this idea started very much like that.

Let’s set the scene. Driving back from cancon 2017 in the back seat (or was it the boot) of Sully’s truck. Most of the guy in TCM were having a good old fashion bitch about how the Vintage scene was dying a slow death around Australia. Only 14 players turned up to bash out at cancon and needless to say we were all very disappointed (especially as most of us declined to play in the 75 man highland nationals which was played at the same time…. side note: Highlander is GAS!). As we got talking we realised that any vintage tournament where 24 players or more turned up was a great turn out. This continued until someone (I think Steve) said “well TCM is 8 players is it possible that we (TCM) run a tourney”. Now fast forward a few weeks and a conversation with the guys at NLG Ringwood (big shout out the Andy) and we decided that we would give it a crack.


STEP 1 find a date that suites most of us…. (probably the hardest thing)

We are a team of 10 players (might be 8 might be 12) so we feel that we can fill most of the spots for a good turn out of eternal magic!

STEP 2 Where the hell can we play the tournament?

If we were to play the tourney at a store we need it to benefit the store as well as the community. We’ve got creative! Make sure the money spent goes to to store in the end.

STEP 3 What makes a good eternal event?

This was hard to answer. In the end it was decided that players want availability of deck choice. Hard in eternal as not everyone has a black lotus.

STEP 4 make the events for the people.

Although the end game is to bring more people to the fun that is eternal magic we want it to be easy for everyone to play. Therefore Proxy events are important. Still not sure if this should be 75 proxy events or a lower number to encourage players to start buying in.



All of the TCM events will have a premium price (i.e. JUDGE Imperial Recruiter) and then the break down will depend on the turn out. I’d love to hear peoples opinion on this.

PREMIUM PRIZE ONLY 8 to 12  players

Top 2 Prizes 13 to 16 players

Top 4 Prize 17 to 20 players

  • Premium Prize
  • 6 entry fees worth 2nd
  • 1 entry fee 3rd & 4th

Top 8 Prize 24 plus players

  • Premium Prize
  • 6 Entry fees 2nd
  • 2 Entry fees 3rd & 4th
  • 1 Entry fee 5th to 8th

How Many Events

As many as we can organise!!!! Lets be real. These events are tournaments for the people by the people. At this stage we will try to run 3 big(ish) tournaments every year. 2 at stores and one in a secret location. Again we want players to let us know how you want these tourneys run (and where) please shoot me an email ( and TCM will try and make it happen.

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