Legucci: The Eldrazi are coming

My TCM mission statement : To keep all eternal formats FUN and accessible…. Including VINTAGE!!!

Legucci @ General Games 8/4/2017

This is my first tournament report ever and I wasn’t originally planning on writing up something to in depth so the details of the day are a tad sketchy… My apologies.
A little on the back ground of my experience on legacy and how I came to playing with the Eldrazi Menace.
I played a little bit of legacy back in the days prior to 2012 when stifle nought combined with counter balance and sensei’s divining top was a common thing. #makedreadnoughtgreatagain. But I’ll admit my heart was mostly devoted to the format of Vintage and 7 point highlander. Round came Cancon 2017 (Australia Day Weekend) TCM teammate Sully convinced me to play Eldrazi in the 55 man Legacy tournament. Needless to say I had a ball I met a few of the people that have been promoting Legacy regularly in Melbourne (The Saltmine Crew) and finished the tournament 10th place with a 4-2 record. It’s been a couple of months since Cancon and I’ve managed to play in approximately 3 more Legacy tournaments since then and I must say the lads around Melbourne pouring time and effort into promoting this format are wonderful!!! These kinds of people are why we ALL play MTG they make it fun, so fun in fact that 33 players turned up to play in a sanctioned monthly paper tournament. It truly is uplifting to see a wonderful community of people just gathering to enjoy throwing around some cardboard.

The Eldrazi choice. I’m relatively experienced blue player in vintage but in Legacy I have no idea. (A format that allows 4 brainstorm and ponders What is this?…. Where is my mental misstep????). This meant I decided to keep playing the deck that requires the least amount of decision making ELDRAZI. . Sully and I have done a fair bit of testing over the past few months after Canaon, compared notes, gone away, compared notes again and came to a conclusion that the deck has 1 major problem (and many smaller ones I can’t be bothered typing about) and that is card advantage or maybe card selection. For this tournament I decided to lean heavily on thorn of amethyst and play creature heavy adding a couple of Phyrexian Revokers and Walking Ballista. I should mention Sully went down another path with Smugglers copter and Cruiable of worlds and did quite well as well with a 4-2 finish but that’s a discussion for another day. These were our ways to attempt to negate the lack of card advantage and improve card selection. Maybe some day after a bit more testing and playing we’ll have a better idea which direction is correct and why.

Arrive at 11am Caulfield General Games 8/4/17

Image.ashx-35 VS smasher

Round 1 against TCM member Jacob on UBR delver
I seem to have a knack at getting paired against fellow TCM members in round 1. I have no idea what Jacob was playing and I joked (very loudly) “This is unfair my opponent knows what he is playing against”, we giggled and began to play.
I can’t remember who won the dice roll but ultimately it didn’t really matter. A chalice on 1 got countered by Jacob then Cavern of souls (name Eldrazi) into Thought-Knot Seer taking away Gurmag angler and that was all she wrote for game 1.
Game 2  
Sideboard out
1 endless one
2 eldrazi mimic
2 thorn of amethyst
2 Umezawa’s Jitte
3 ratchet bomb
Still not 100% sure if shaving the thorns was a good idea but I figured it’s not going to slow down a delver, true name or gurmag so figured it’s not the greatest in this match.

Jacob is on the play. I can’t remember much of this game but I know my hand was very good and lined up very well against Jacob’s. Cavern went to work again and put Thought-knot seer in play which saw 2 force of will, 1 git probe, 2 Lands and a creature (maybe snapcaster?) I took the creature (I think). Put a Jitte into play and Jacob lightning Bolts himself before I could kill.

This entire round was played with all smiles. I have a blast everytime I’ve played Jacob a perfect example of the great people we get to play in Legacy. Jacob if you’re reading this I’m hoping to see Beltcher next time 😀

deathrite  VS  TKS

Round 2 vs Winston with BUG delver

I had not met Winston before today but while talking to him I found out he works at NLG Ringwood with Leigh Holland another fellow TCM member and once again this round was played with only smiles.
Game 1
Winston was on the play and slams a turn 1 delver. I attempt to play a chalice which is met with daze. Turn 2 delver flips and attacks. I then wasteland something… STIFLE …. I cry a little inside and attempt to play a revoker which also meets Daze. (I misplayed that turn I should have cast revoker 1st leaving a mana open…. That’s what happens when you’re a Legacy noob though). Delver attacks and I think a deathrite sharman has also hit play now. I’m not sure what the next thing I played was but it met force of will’d (on a side note Winston pitching a 3rd daze in hand). I eventually land a thought knot and smasher but I was already at 7 life and the delver and deathrite did there thing and I lost game 1.

Game 2
I sideboard the same as I did in round 1 except I board out 1 matter reshaper and bring in 1 dismember.

I had a slow hand but it had chalice and 3 lands (2 of which were caverns and 1 sol land) so I kept. Chalice on 1 resolved on turn 1 and I was a happy man. Turn 2 found a 2nd sol land and Thought knot seer saw a bunch of 1 drop spells and an abrupt decay. I took the decay away from his hand and the big dumb sideways creatures did there thing.

Game 3
I put warping wail from my sideboard into my deck. Went through my 61 cards in my main deck and pulled out a “completely” different warping wail…… GAME CHANGING….. lol
Winston started very aggressively opening with Turn 1 delver and turn 2 deathrite. I managed to land a revoker naming deathrite which I believe got killed by a fatal push. With him tapped out I was safe to wasteland his bayou. My next turn was ratchet bomb and chalice on 1 which both resolved (I think I lead with chalice) This cleaned up the delver and deathrite. Winston was stuck with 1 land for a while then and thought-knot took a baleful strix from his hand. Unfortunately Winston didn’t see another colored mana for the rest of the game and got stranded with 2 Grim Flayers and and abrupt decay in hand (I believe there was a couple of brainstorms and deathrite stuck there also).
Very enjoyable playing against Winston I was determined not to let him stifle anything in game 2 and 3 and I shared my love for the card stifle and attempted to make Phyrexian Dreadnought sound like a good card……… I did say attempted…. I don’t think Winston agreed.

Image.ashx-36     VS    smasher

Round 3 vs Ben on 4c control (I think)
This is the 1st time I’ve met Ben and he was a great player and a wonderful person to talk to. I told him I love being able to say my name out aloud as many times as possible and we began Ben vs Ben.

Game 1
This game was an interesting 1 and it went right down to the wire. This was a game I wish I kept better notes on what actually happened. In short Ben played Sensei’s divining top and counter balance (so I assumed he was playing miracles, FYI everyone never assume that) I managed to get Ben to 2 life and I passed the turn as I watched him look with top fetch a land (1 life now) look with top again draw for turn……. (Pause for dramatic effect)…. Play Monastery mentor and a 2nd Sensei’s top which generated as many monks as he had mana. I must have looked like a stunned mullet as I attempted to force that final damage through but just couldn’t. Then Mentor did what Mentor does and I died.
Quote for that game: “Monastery Mentor great even in formats that don’t play moxen”

Game 2
Sideboard for game 2
Can’t remember exactly what came out as I decided I wanted to keep as many creatures in as possible and play around terminus (which I hadn’t seen just assumed were in there). I think a couple of Matter reshaper came out and endless one. I figured this was the match I wanted thorn of amethyst to do the heavy lifting, attack his mana base and win quickly.
I brought in a couple of ratchet bombs and an extra thorn.
My opening hand was great. The kind Eldrazi wants in every match. A couple of mimics a thought knot seer and a smasher just needed to draw a single mana from the top of the deck which happened (better lucky than good, right?). Even through a swords to plowshare the thought knot and mimics hit Ben’s hand and when Smasher hit the battlefield it was game over.

Game 3

Made no changes in the main deck and prayed to get a hand like games 2
I didn’t, this game was one that went to the wire. I had an solid hand with ancient tomb mimic and a turn 2 matter reshaper my creature did a bit of damage and I declined to play out all of what was in my hand as I was scared to be blown out by terminus. Then there was a toxic deluge played… I wasn’t expecting that. My board was empty and I was very happy I held onto a couple of creature (I think a revoker and a thought knot) this took Ben’s life total from 13 to 8. I must have top deck a land or a Reality smasher the next turn and put his life from 8 to 3. Ben then say he wishes to cast another toxic deluge for 5 and kill himself (unfortunately being that he didn’t have the life to pay the big mean cruel judge Jimbo advised us he was not allowed to do that)
And just like that I had started the day moving up the tables to be on 3-0
I was talking to Ben after our game and I said “man I was so scared of terminus” Ben’s reply “I don’t play any. I was going to tell you but thought better of it.”
I may have won the match but I’ll give brownie points to anyone who makes me sweat for no reason.


Image.ashx-40  VS  smasher

Round 4 vs Andrew on Burn

Game 1
These games were quick. Andrew won the roll of the die and was off to the races. Very quickly I was staring down a monastery swiftspear and was on about 10 life when I cast thought knot seer. I’m not even sure if Andrew had any spells in his hand. Then Eidolon of the great revel was on the table a fireblast killed my thought knot and I was dead by the end of his 4th turn.

I’ll admit it I wasn’t even sure what just happened to me at this point. As I haven’t play much Legacy in the past few years I wasn’t even sure if mono red burn was a good deck. Certainly looked like Andrew enjoyed playing it.

Game 2
I don’t think my choices of sideboard cards were very good.
Jitte , Thorn and trisphere all came in.
This game was a bit of a boring eldrazi hand with 1st turn chalice on 1 followed by thorn of amethyst on turn 2. Andrew did manage to play an ensnaring bridge which had me a little worried until I realized my 2 walking ballista’s in play could just kill him slowly and I think a jitte with counters on it might of finished the job.
Game 3
I decided that ensnaring bridge was scary enough for me to bring in something to deal with it. So in came ratchet bomb. Looking back on it now I think this was a bad idea now but I’m no expert. I was potentially just making my deck slightly worse by doing this….

I kept a sketchy hand that looked something like
2-ratchet bombs
1-City of Traitors

Andrew started with speed (and I’m starting to get my head around that burn kills you quickly) before I know it there’s 2 swiftspears and 1 goblin guide in play followed by a smash to smithereens and I’m dead by turn 4 because I never got the chance to blow up a ratchet bomb and cast 3  ball…

These were super fast games. Which was great Andrew was a wonderful opponent and we got to scout around the top tables and admire the lack of “force of will” decks were surrounding us. Who needs blue decks to win games anyway. Red is all you need to sit around and enjoy quick games and have time to chinwag and get a bite to eat.

Image.ashx-41 VS TKS

Round 5 vs Rhys (Miracles/standstill)
The win and in! Both Rhys and I were on 3-1 and a win here would mean either of us could ID into top 8. Rhy seemed very excited to be on the top tables and mentioned he was a new player to the format.

Game 1
I had another one of them hot eldrazi hands and Rhys just couldn’t quite keep up. I believe it was turn 1 mimic into turn 2 cavern, matter reshaper and turn 3 chalice (which may have been countered) turn 4 smasher and Rhys didn’t have terminus floating on top of his library to stop me from winning.

Game 2
I can’t remember exactly how I used my sideboard in this game I think thorns would have came in but not to much other then that.

I had another pretty good hand with 2 cavern of souls but of course that means no real busted and fast turn 1 and turn 2 plays. I manage to get a fair amount of threats on the battlefield, something like mimic, reshaper and revoker, (revoker naming sensei’s top) but rhys had the terminus this time and I was left with not much in hand and zero on the battlefield. Rhys played Monastery mentor, which I attempted to kill with a walking ballista with only 2 counters on it but brainstorm saves it. Mentor finished me off pretty quick after that.

Games 3 (gotta love a 3 game win and in match)
Don’t think I changed anything in the main deck… might have considered warping wail or jitte. The later the day went my notes got pretty bad, and my memory was shot by the next day lol.

I had a pretty good hand and when my turn 1 chalice on 1 resolved I was feeling pretty good. I played a turn 2 revoker named sensei’s top (couldn’t think of anything else to name) then turn 3 cavern and mimic. During this Rhys hadn’t done much except build his mana. Turn 4 or 5 I played thought knot seer and saw V/Qlique, snapcaster mage, jace TMS, sensei’s top, sword and land. Though I was tempted to take his creatures I took away his Jace which I think was the only thing left for him to dig out of the game. I decided to hold onto all other creatures in hand in case of a top decked terminus and I won the game. I did play a walking ballista sometime during this game to which killed a flashed in snapcaster mage before blockers, it was a surprisingly decision intensive match (though I know my decision were much simpler then any Rhy had to make)

Rhys was a wonderful person to play against. He had a smile on his face the entire game even when tough decision needed to be made. I really hope he enjoyed the tournament and sticks with playing he’s deck in more legacy tournaments. We had a great chat after the games, I wished him luck for his next round as we were all under the impression that someone on a 4-2 record might sneak into top 8. Unfortunately I think he ended the day 3-3 but getting even a little bit of experience on the top tables can only be a good thing and I hope he held he head high and realized just how close he was to getting through to the next stage in the tournament.


Round 6 vs James (4c loam)
The ID and the handshake. Then across the road to the pub for some chips and a drink before the top 8 matches start.

This was great as I got to eat and I met a heap of the guys playing the format and just enjoyed a good chinwag. Always good to put your head in a health confidant state before playing for prizes.

Top 8

Image.ashx-42 vs smasher

Quarter finals vs James (4c Loam)
James and I were in great spirits as we sat down across from each other, maybe because we ID each other into top8 and still had to play each other or, more likely, it was the chinwagging with a drink and chips we got in at the pub before we played.
I admitted it then and I’ll say it again now I did not want to play against James’ deck. From a glance it looked like it would attack me from a couple of angles. 1 was wasteland and life from the loam cleaning up all my mana sources and 2 was a giant scary knight of reliquary that could could be sat on to block and kill my eldrazi.

Game 1
This game was intense. It went on for much longer then I wanted as the trend tends to be the longer the game goes it’s less likely for the Eldrazi monsters to win. I’m not going to even try to remember what was played and when it was played in this game but some key notable plays included: James ghostquarter a sol land expecting it to be as good as stripmine I could see the tears in his eyes when I picked up my deck and put a waste into play <insert evil mwahaha laugh here>. The big late game play was Endbringer who managed to prevent 1 Knight from blocking getting James life to 2 then prevent 1 knight from attacking (James then plays a 2nd knight) then untap deal 1 damage in my second main phase untap in James untap step (Endbringer is the greatest on the monsters) deal 1 damage in upkeep. ELDRAZI WIN THE GAME.

Game 2
I decided that chalice and thorns aren’t very good in this match and most of them (I think all) came out. Jitte, dismember, warping wal, ratchet bomb all came in. I was pretty happy with what tools I had to combat James deck.
Then we started playing and it was the exact blowout I was afraid of. It went something like this James turn 1 plays land turn 2 plays wasteland turn 3 plays wasteland, mox diamond, life from the loam turn 4 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale….. I think I managed to cast 1 phyrexian revoker this game and that was the game. Like I said blowout!!!!!

Game 3
Well game 2 wasn’t much to go on, I got smashed, and if it wasn’t for the pleased with himself grin James had on his face I think a tear may have rolled down my cheek after the pummeling he gave me. So no changes were made from my sideboard.
Can’t remember much from this game. There was a couple of wastelands on james side but I had a land heavy hand with a couple of mimics. Pretty boring game after I top deck the one thing James didn’t want to see…. The smasher!!! And the game was over. I think James mulliganed to 6 in this game and had a solid hand but just didn’t keep up. I didn’t ask but I got the feeling I would’ve lost if James got 1 more turn.

This match was great and I can honestly say these kind of matches playing with this kind of opponent is the reason we all play magic. I had a blast meeting James and I hope this isn’t our last match (im pretty sure it wont be). Favorite moments: game 1 getting to pick up my deck and search for a land then shuffling “like a blue player”. Least favorite moment “there was none….not even The Tabernacle”

Image.ashx-43 vs TKS

Top 4 vs Justin
So I was hoping to get to play against one of the 2 burn players that made it through to top 4… Sorta because I wanted vengeance for my loss in swiss and sorta because I knew Justin was playing reanimator which scared me! So of course I played against Justin and he was on the play.
I joked as we started our match “Judge! My opponent knows my deck has no force of will and his on the play…. I call unfair advantage!” Judge Jimbo’s reply “suck it up princess!”…. This time a tear really did run down my cheek.

Game 1
Justin play a turn 1 Griesilbrand and after that I pretended to play magic for the camera. GAME OVER
Game 2
I put the 3 leyline of the voids in and thorn and trisphere. Fanned out my first 7 and grimace, I had a turn 2 thought-knot seer in my hand but nothing else. I think about it and decide that im on the play so a turn 2 thought knot seer would be better then mull to 6. So skip ahead to my 2nd turn and thought knot seer is played, Justin responds with entomb put Griselbrand in the graveyard and opens his hand………. Animate dead and shallow grave are both in his hand. I don’t really need to tell anyone how bad that was for me. I took the shallow grave (I think) and watched helplessly Justin played a turn 2 Griselbrand once again because we were on camera I pretended to play magic the gathering and Justin smirked and im sure he was thinking “oh a cute little reality smasher… That’s nice”,

Justin was a wonderful player and a great bloke we had a lot of fun writing notes on camera for the commentary team to see. I was to find out a bit later that he is known as “The local Pro player” so I think im allowed to use the excuse I was on tilt after finding out the fact. Haha.

Overall I had a great day with a reasonably cheap legacy deck with a bunch of new and old faces. I hope anyone who reads this gets the sense that there is a super fun and friendly community of eternal players out there and they don’t all have their noses pointed high saying “our cards are more expensive then yours”. If you ever want to get into eternal formats id say Legacy is a great place to start and there are plenty of events these days the allow 100% playtest cards around Melbourne, look up weekly legacy Melbourne on facebook. Meet some of the guys and girls playing and have a great chuckle. If you decide to commit to the format you’ll already have your leg in the door.
Hope you enjoyed the read. Having fun with Eldrazi.



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