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Welcome to the TCM Website, sharing Melbourne’s Eternal Magic: the Gathering to the world. We are a based in Melbourne’s south east suburbs with members coming from around gum trees Ringwood through to the bay are of Sandringham and Mornington.

We will be showcasing some of Melbourne’s, and Australia’s, greatest and most iconic MtG players as the battle through Vintage, 7pt Australian Highlander, and Legacy. We hope you enjoy what our region has to offer and please feel free to leave comments.

If you are an international visitor and don’t know what 7pt Australian Highlander is, click the following link for information. CLICK ME

If you feel like watching some TCM videos you can find us on Youtube HERE

Tournament Reports and Eternal Articles



Budget Vintage By The King


TCM Event #1 Finalists decklists and Spicy brews 


Ben McCoy on Eldrazi at General Games 8/4/2017 click here


Highlander Storm Guide

Set Reviews

Hour of Devastation Playable cards for Eternal MTG



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